Technology advances to new heights right before our eyes, every single day. It has become a part of our sight, workout routines, culinary presentations, and even a part of our home’s peak-comfort temperature. Every year tech innovations are revolutionizing how most of us live our daily lives, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are changing the lives of programmers.

 What products are going to help developers code efficiently in 2014? We reached out to our community and asked what hardware and software for programmers is going to be up-‘n’-coming in 2014 and the results are solid.


GitHub (subscription)
Koality (subscription)
New Relic (subscription)
Reveal App
Sublime Text


Apple products with retina displays
Chrome Cast
Oculus Rift
Leap Motion Sensor
Raspberry Pi
Dell monitors
Rain laptop stands

It’s a new year. It’s a brand new start. Let’s use technology to help our code be more organized, clean, and glorious.