Mellow day of riding the ferry today.  Used the ship's laundry facility/shower room to cleanse both myself and my clothes in the morning, a leisurely lunch and then spent the first part of the afternoon reading a book.  Tough travel conditions, I know.

 Mount Edgecombe, an extinct volcano

Here's some of the photos I've taken of the scenery available to one when traveling the inner passage by ferry.  We've apparently been sailing under incredibly unusual and nice weather conditions.  Southeast Alaska apparently is known for its rainy conditions instead.

Here's also a couple of pictures of Bruce and our rigs during a stop in the ferry stop before ketchikan.  It was a brief stop so I didn't go ashore to take pictures.

The plan when we arrive at Ketchikan at 3:30 PM today, is for me to ride Bruce's rig to his nearby home so I can report how it feels to me.  I am, the only other URAL rider he's met and for some reason, he wants my opinion.  He'll then bring me back to the ferry before it departs after we visit for a while at his house near the ferry terminal.

Typing this now at Bruce's place, nice log cabin by the water, about 11 miles from the Ferry Terminal in Ketchikan.  His rig rides nice!