v rising moonlight castle bannerJust when you think that developers have used every survival sandbox trope there is, along comes Stunlock Studios with a fresh and decidedly dark twist on the genre. The Battlerite developer is currently working on a new vampire-themed multiplayer survival sandbox game called V Rising. And no, you won’t be hunting or hiding from vampires in this game. You will be the vampire.

The game promises a massive world with unique locations ranging from lush forests to deep, dark dungeons inhabited by various mythical beasts, monsters, and of course, tasty humans. As a denizen of the dark, players must schedule their adventures around a day/night cycle and ensure that they keep themselves properly fed.

As players progress they’ll gain access to new vampiric skills and weapon abilities. They’ll also be able to build their own creepy castle where they can chill with their vampire friends and raise an army of monsters to defend it against other vampire posses. The game will also feature combat and controls similar to Battlerite and most MOBAs.

A Q&A session on Stunlock’s official site titled “An Interview with the Vampire” offers more information about the upcoming game, including information on other threats that players will face in the game such as holy places, angry nuns, garlic, and maybe even werewolves. The devs also revealed that the game will feature full-loot PvP, which means that players will start from scratch, naked inside a coffin, should they die. Nighttime will also be longer than daytime to give players plenty of time to explore, feed, and do whatever it is that vampires do in their spare time.

Stunlock has yet to announce a date for closed beta but the game is now available for wishlisting on Steam. You can also sign-up on the V Rising official site for a chance to get an invite to the closed beta test.

In the meantime, you can check out the official reveal trailer below to get an idea of what the game has to offer.

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