Valorant Leak Hints Towards Character Background of Reyna

Riot Games’ Valorant is one of the most popular FPS titles right now. Millions of players from around the world love grinding in the game for hours. That’s because, besides offering amazing gameplay, Valorant flaunts several unique agents, each with distinct abilities.

Interestingly, all Valorant agents come from diverse backgrounds and have astounding voice lines. Now, ever since the game launched, players have been guessing the background of each Valorant character. However, devs haven’t confirmed or teased any character background up till now.

We don’t know when Riot Games plan on releasing the much-awaited Valorant lore. But thanks to a recent leak, we might know at least something about Reyna’s background.

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Valorant Leak Hints Reyna and Viper’s Rivalry

Thanks to one of the new Valorant player cards, we know there’s a connection between Reyna and Viper. This leak was initially posted by clefairy13_ on Reddit, who suggested this link between the two Valorant agents.

Interestingly, the player card shows Reyna and Viper facing each other, clearly hinting at an old rivalry. Now, what’s truly interesting is that the same card shows Viper holding hands with a child.

Reyna Viper Player Card
Image Credit: Riot Games

In the picture, it’s clear that Viper is leading the child in a laboratory. So, it might be that this child is a test subject for Viper; that’s what the rumor suggests. Now, the question is, who is this child in the picture? Well, several players think that the child is actually Reyna’s sister.

In Valorant, one of Reyna’s voice lines is “For you, Hermanita.” If you don’t know already, ‘Hermanita’ basically means ‘sister’ in Spanish. So, this confirms that Reyna had a sister who is either sick or isn’t even alive.

According to the rumors, Reyna’s sister might not have survived Viper’s experiments, the possible reason behind the suggested rivalry.

Of course, we can’t be sure about Reyna’s or other agents’ background until Riot finally releases the long-promised Valorant lore. However, unlike other background theories, this one is actually believable for several Valorant players.

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