A few months ago, I sat down with Hope Gurion, Chief Product Officer at CareerBuilder, to talk about her team, how they work, and how she stays current in the fast-moving world of product management.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Hope for the past two years and I am thoroughly impressed by her leadership and vision. She sets a great example for the rest of us.

Over the course of this 45 minute conversation, we cover a lot of ground. Hope started in business development at CareerBuilder and introduced both product management and user experience design to the company.

We spend much of the conversation talking about her team’s move to dual track Agile, the challenges with adopting product discovery practices, and how they continue to iterate on their delivery practices.

CareerBuilder has both a consumer and an enterprise component to their business and we talk about the challenges of product discovery in both environments.

For more details including timestamps for specific topics, see the show notes below the video.

Can’t see the video? View it here.

Show Notes:

  • 0.40 About her team
  • 1:34 How she got to where she is
  • 4:55 How she introduced product management and user experience to CareerBuilder
  • 7:29 Who does product strategy at CareerBuilder
  • 10:03 Building good habits / Managing ideas
  • 11:28 Why product managers should prioritize with their cross-functional team
  • 13:05 Working with Marty Cagan, the value of Collaborative Gain
  • 15:00 Dual track Agile, learning before writing code
  • 17:14 Setting the expectation of doing product discovery
  • 18:44 How discovery happens for new product ideas
  • 22:25 Why discovery is worth it
  • 23;32 What happens to sales requests and executive ideas
  • 27:40 Why her team doesn’t use roadmaps and what they do instead
  • 29:30 How discovery works with enterprise clients
  • 31:15 The biggest challenge in adopting product discovery practices
  • 33:07 On getting her team to focus on what they can do vs. what they can’t do
  • 35:10 Creating a shared backlog across product managers to get better focus
  • 38:40 The value of weekly demos across self-organizing teams
  • 44:05 On making a focus on outcomes not output habitual
  • 45:09 On the challenges ahead

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