Qwikrazor87′s port of VHBL for the vita 2.12 is coming soon, and I have been doing some early tests to check compatibility. The goal here is not to make people wait even longer for a release, but to let you guys know what to expect for this release in terms of homebrew compatibility. Some of our previous releases has been lacking a bit of testing, and I’d like to avoid that this time, so that people know what they are getting.

Please keep in mind that those are my tests, in some specific conditions, with some specific versions of the homebrews. When a homebrew I tested worked, that’s pretty much a guarantee it will work for you. When a homebrew I tested did not work, it only means that the version I tested did not work. Bottom line is, compatibility should be in general better than what my tests show, as people tend to find versions of their favorite homebrew that will work. Of course, kernel mode homebrews are (as usual) out of the question.

In general, the homebrews I’ve tested came directly from SMOKE’s gigantic VHBL homebrew thread here.

Overall, Qwikrazor87′s port of VHBL feels pretty solid to me, with good compatibility.

I’ve added a few videos below to get you excited about this release. Retro gamers should rejoice, as many emulators seem to work fine in my tests :)

Homebrews that worked in my tests

  • Wagic (Heroic Fantasy Card game)
  • Bookr (PDF Reader)
  • Hexen 2 (FPS)
  • Quake (FPS)
  • Doom (FPS)
  • Silveredge (horizontal Scroll shooter)
  • Lamecraft (Minecraft clone)
  • Nesterj (NES emulator)
  • Picodrive (sega genesis emulator)
  • gPSP (Game Boy Advance emulator) -  Note: exiting this homebrew crashes VHBL, but this is a constant issue with all VHBL ports so far, not specific to this exploit
  • Snes9xTYL (Super NES emulator)

Homebrews that did not work in my Tests

  • Duke3D (possibly because I did not have the right resource files)
  • OpenTyrian
  • Daedalus X64 (haven’t tried the original Daedalus yet)
  • ScummVM 0.13.0 (haven’t tried a newer or older version yet)

Remember, homebrews that did not work in my tests could have been an oversight.

Stay tuned for the release, and enjoy the videos below. In the meantime, any homebrew you’d like me to test?