How Google Voice Search Will Influence Ecommerce Industry?

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Today, internet browsing becoming more user-efficient, people are eager to glean information faster and most efficiently. All thanks to emerging trends such as AR, VR, and Voice search which are not just a passing fad. Such trends seem to have comfortably crossed the threshold of early adopters and seems to be taking over how we use the internet.

A rapid spread of voice-driven user experience is expected in future- all thanks to the rise of products like Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana, Google Assistant, and Siri. Being a retailer, you ought to be highly focused. In fact, voice-empowered shopping has been one of the most discussed technology trends from the past few years and will continue in the future.

For those who find voice search as a stranger, it signifies a watershed moment where brands can connect to their target audiences. By developing a successful app, brands can easily catch the user’s attention and meet user experience expectations. This means nothing can stop you from being a cut above.

An unexpected union

Combining mobile apps and voice search is a rare thing to do, but at the same time, it turns out to be pretty successful like never before.

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By using voice search, several mobile operations can be done by having a word with your handset. In a layman’s language, you can easily differentiate the app in the crowd, which embraces voice recognition capabilities. Gone are the days when mobile phones were built for better voice communications. In the present scenario, they seem to be playing a significant role in encouraging voice-empowered activities, for example, shopping. The growth of online and mobile commerce is increasing among retailers. The majority of online traffic comes from mobile phones.

Down below, I would like to emphasize on specific pointers stating how Google voice search is shaping e-commerce.

#1 People Are Searching Differently- Remember the time when Siri launched back in 2011, I am sure much like me nobody knew how it was going to play out. Still, tech giant, Apple took that chance, and we know the rest. After that, Google did the same following the trend instead of creating much of innovation. Simultaneously, people started making their queries through web browsers, then came mobile phones and now voice searches are all the rage. All you have to do is “ok Google” and leave the rest for Google to spring into action and be at your service.

#2 Personal Assistants are in vogue- These days every single smartphone seem to be equipped with a Voice enable search companion. Be it Siri or Cortana or even Amazon Echo, each phone has it, and people are happily using it. Speaking more about this AI-enabled software, they are both texts enabled, and Voice-enabled, but several studies have proved that people across the globe tend to use the voice search system more than they do the text search function. Have you ever wondered why? Simple because you can say more words at the same time you type and saying is way easier than typing (especially for smartphones). These personal assistants are enabling the users to search the web-based on what they say, and E-commerce websites are certainly embracing the technology.

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#3 it’s Accuracy and Pervasiveness- Unless you don’t have issues like unusual speech predicament or Tourette’s syndrome, voice searches are statistically 95 percent accurate! The numbers don’t lie! Google Now, understands around 119 different languages, including mainstream ones like English, Arabic, French, and Spanish, to other not so famous languages like Urdu. This goes to show that this voice search system is here to stay.

In addition to being accurate, voice search is quite pervasive whether it is about calling someone, dictate texts, or even helping with your homework, the Google voice search system is everywhere around us and will be everywhere around us for the foreseeable future.

#4 Search Engine Optimization- Imagine a situation where you are running an online business, you know the importance of upping your SEO game. In fact, it is a crucial aspect for an E-commerce website as well, and the more the people search for your business, the higher up Google’s search index you get. And now that people have started using Voice search as a method for making their queries, it makes sense that business owners study this tool and make the most out of it.

Down below, I would like to mention a few points stating some of the most significant changes will be introduced to digital marketing now- due to that voice search!

#1 Voice search will direct more focus to featured snippets

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Whether you are a Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana, or Alexa user, you are familiar with how your voice assistant delivers answers to your questions. For those who are new to this, they automatically read the featured snippet for your search, for example, “when is the next leap year,” to, “when are the next summer Olympics?”

The entire digital marketing strategy is meant to focuses on earning featured snippets, the increased use of voice search and its dependence on featured snippets will only grow the value- and competition- of featured snippets.

Businesses don’t win featured snippets overnight, however. And that’s the reason why more and more companies are seen looking to stay ahead of digital marketing are already starting a voice search strategy. They — or their Internet marketing agency — are building a plan for creating and optimizing content for voice search so when 2020 arrives, they’re ready to reach their target audience.

#2 Increase the value of Position Zero

Those who are familiar with featured snippets, you must be knowing how to occupy position zero in search results. Like featured snippets, digital marketing strategies will be seen, aiming to earn the position zero spot. It’s a win-win for your business, as you’re taking away online visibility and traffic from your competition. Due to the role of position zero in voice search, analysts predict that the value- as well as potential return- of position zero will only increase. With its increased worth, the competition will only surge for Position Zero. If your business oversees its Internet marketing strategies in-house, prepare your team to dedicate more time to earning and optimizing content for Position Zero. Or, start researching the potential value of partnering with a digital marketing agency that specializes in voice search optimization.

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#3 Voice Search will maximize the value of artificial intelligence

Many marketers, as well as digital marketing companies, plan to apply the power of artificial intelligence (AI) when it comes to adapting to voice search. With AI, plus machine learning, businesses can compile and analyze a tremendous amount of data for actionable insight.

Already there are more than one billion voice searches done a month, which offers a massive amount of data. For many digital marketing companies, it will require years of development to create an AI-powered software. Meanwhile, businesses that oversee their digital marketing in-house will have an extreme disadvantage when it comes to voice search, prompting many to outsource the service.

So what are you waiting for? Time to head start on voice search!

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