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The src folder contains a bunch of scripts to develop, benchmark, debug or help in using VROOM.

  • plot generates a simple svg visualisation for a solution file.
  • overpass_to_json generates a problem from all OSM nodes with a specific key=value tag in a chosen bounding box or city.
  • random_problem generates a ready-to-solve random problem based on a bounding box.
  • global_indicators collects indicators on all solutions contained in a folder.
  • json_to_csv dumps all locations coordinates from a json input instance to a csv file.
  • tsplib_to_json converts a TSPLIB file to json.
  • cvrplib_to_json converts a CVRPLIB file to json.
  • vrptw_to_json converts a VRPTW file to json.
  • pdptw_to_json converts a PDPTW file to json.
  • add_osrm_matrix creates a "standalone" version of a json input instance by adding a matrix key using OSRM.


The benchmarks folder contains everything required to reproduce results on literature benchmarks with a single command. Detailed instructions for: