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To become a writer you can message us through email, twitter, or facebook.


Twitter: Code_LikeAGirl or seanyo

Facebook: Code_LikeAGirl

We would love to add your story to our publication. This means your story become part of Code Like A Girl and will be associated with the publication’s name and existing content.

We will also add a simple 1 sentence footer to your article identifying it as part of the Code Like A Girl publication. Your story will then become part of our followers’ reading lists, appear on their homepage, and app stream.

We will promote your article through social media sites like twitter, Facebook and Hacker News.

To read more about our publication and the articles we publish, check out our article Spread Your Words with “Code Like A Girl.”

Spread Your Words with “Code Like A Girl”

Are you under 18 years of age? If so consider including only your first name on your medium account, and not publically linking it to your social media accounts. This can help protected you from unwanted attention and trolling of your personal sites. If you would prefer to post anonymously we can also facilitate that.

Thanks for considering Code Like A Girl a worthy home for your work. We’d love your feedback on our publication and if you like it, we’d appreciate a follow and even sharing it with your friends.

Dinah Davis & Sean Yo

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