Nearly a month after Cold War's integration, Warzone is probably in its worst state since the game's launch. With every update, players are noticing new and recurring glitches and bugs. Many of the Cold War guns are just not viable in higher K/D lobbies.

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Anyone that has played Warzone more than once knows that there is a hacker in seemingly every lobby. Whether they are using an aimbot or wall hacks, hackers ruin the game for everyone. It has been almost a year since the game's release, and the community still does not have an anti-cheat. At this point, casual players have hit a wall. Playing well results in better lobbies which makes the game less fun and increases the chances players will run into someone with a better "gaming chair." Below are some of the additional things the community is hoping for in the next season of Warzone.

10 The Ural Mountains

Warzone fans finally have something to look forward to, a new map. The map will be set in the Ural Mountains, which just happens to be where fireteam dirty bomb maps from Cold War are set. The community is sick and tired of rooftop campers, and a less vertical map will be a breath of fresh air.

The map should hearken back to the Blackout map, which had vast wilderness between buildings. It is still unclear when the map will be released, but hopefully, it will be as soon as possible.

9 A New Meta

The DMR needs to go, and a serious weapon balancing patch is long overdue for the Cold War weapons. The lack of balance between the Cold War and Modern Warfare weapons was one of the biggest issues following the integration. Players want to use guns like the AK-47 and the M16, but they have no chance against the DMR or AMAX. Raven was quick to try and nerf the DMR and Diamattis, but it was not enough.

Nearly all of the other Cold War weapons could use a buff to both damage and bullet velocity, as most fail to compete with the strongest guns from Modern Warfare. New meta weapons are needed in Season 2.

8 The Gulag Weapons

Slow snipers and fists in the Gulag are unbearable. Even enemies feel compassion for players that get out punched due to their connection or low frames. Putting these weapons in the Gulag forces players to be extremely conservative and camp a sightline.

The Gulag should be designed for fast-paced close-quarters combat, and the better player should win the majority of the time. Infinity Ward and Raven are trying to retain as many players as possible, which makes sense. However, no one likes the pace of the Gulag when these weapons are in the rotation and they should be removed.

7 Ranked & Unranked Modes

Warzone professionals and streamers have been calling for a change to skill-based matchmaking since the release of Modern Warfare. All Raven has to do to fix the issue is to add a ranked mode for players that want to play competitively. The vast majority of players want to be rewarded for getting better at the game, not get punished.

By adding a ranked progression system, players will be rewarded for their competitive rank. At its heart, Call of Duty is an arcade-style shooter. With many players exploiting smurf accounts and lobby data to get easier lobbies, a change is needed.

6 Dozens of Glitches

There are too many glitches to mention in one section, but a few stand out. The loadout glitch is one of the most annoying things in the game thus far. Players should cross their fingers before going for the free loadout because there is a good chance an enemy will have fifteen seconds to take a shot.

There is a wall in Boneyard that players can see through and shoot through from the inside, which is a serious end game problem. The reloading issues with Cold War guns and tactical sprint have killed many players over the past few weeks, and the bug is a serious problem. These are just a few examples, and there are plenty of other issues that need to be fixed in Season 2.

5 Stopping Power, Dead Silence, & Self-Revive

The Warzone loot system needs to be overhauled and these three items make playing the game extremely frustrating. It is demoralizing to lose a gunfight because of stopping power or to get flanked because an entire team has dead silence. Raven does not need to remove these from the game, but they should not be so easy to find on the map.

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When self-revive had to be purchased, the majority of the people in each lobby could not self-revive. After it was added to boxes and ground loot, everyone in a lobby could get self-revive. Players taking on multiple enemies have to kill them all twice. While they are acceptable additions to the game, these upgrades need to be harder to find.

4 New Weapons & Ground Loot

While 30 new guns were added in December, Raven should be adding new content every season. By adding several new guns instead of the typical three, the community will have more options to level up and the game will stay relevant.

There is no reason why Raven can't make changes to the ground loot on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. Players have still not seen many of the weapons in the game as ground loot, and constant changes will be good for Warzone.

3 New Gulag Maps

There have been mixed reviews about the new Gulag. Regardless of the community consensus, Raven can easily use the smaller gunfight maps to mix up the Gulag every season.

The Gulag needs to be more open and encourage movement. Many Warzone players find it difficult to win a Gulag without hiding and waiting for audible cues as to where the enemy player is. The Gulag should be a gunfight, not a game of cat and mouse.

2 More Modes

Millions of people play Warzone, and players often only have two choices of modes, plunder or Battle Royale. King Slayer Trios, Zombies, and Rebirth were great modes, and Raven should have three or four options for those users who have grown tired of the same experience for almost a year.

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Warzone has never had a no loadout mode or a close-quarters mode. Raven could add a rebirth mode to Verdansk, or keep a buyback mode in the rotation. A one revive per kill mode would also be a great experiment. Warzone would be a much better game if it had more options. The playlist has included plunder since launch, it's time for something different.

1 Fix The Playable Environment

Warzone players know how frustrating it is when a rock or ledge will not let the character mantle when the map should be an interactive environment. Many players have died trying to get over a short wall or a rock that is at the character's feet. Many of the issues win the map have not been addressed since launch, including hundreds of locations where controller players lose aim assist.

Without aim assist, controller players are at an extreme disadvantage. Finally, the circle should never collapse in an area that a player is unable to reach. The quarry forest is a classic example of an area that rewards forest campers and decides matches based on where the circle relocates.

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