Warzone Invisible Glitch

Call of Duty: Warzone‘s players and developers can’t catch a break. The game has seen multiple game-breaking bugs and glitches the past couple of weeks, namely the Stim glitch. That one let players infinitely use stims, giving them free health and sprint recharge. However, this issue in particular may be more game-breaking. Players have discovered a glitch in Warzone that renders characters totally invisible. That’s right, the guy you got shot by that you didn’t see might not have actually been on your screen.

Proof of the glitch has been popping up across the internet, and the clips are all similar. They show players being killed by a totally invisible enemy. Knocked down one by one as bullets seem to be shot from thin-air, players have no chance to fight back. There is one upside though — the glitch seems to be limited to just one game mode. Unfortunately, it’s the one players were eagerly awaiting the return of. Prior to it being deactivated, Warzone players could only find the invisible glitch in the Armored Royale limited-time mode. This mode is Warzone as you know it, but with massive armored vehicles that players have to protect. Keeping the vehicle intact lets players respawn quickly. The vehicle can also be tricked out with trophy systems or extra armor if players have the cash to spend.

It’s not clear when or how Raven Software will patch the invisible glitch out of Warzone this time around. This same glitch popped up last year and was activated by abusing a bug involving helicopters. This time, Raven Software has taken an extremely blunt approach, disabling the afflicted game mode entirely.

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