Watch and hear macOS robots argue live in your terminal

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Arguing robots

Arguing robots is a simple CLI utility for macOS that allow the wonderfully expressive PlainTalk voices of macOS (including beloved whisper voice of Lain's Navi) to come to life in your terminal. It also was my Hello World project for learning Crystal.

How to use arguing robots

Available voices

Type say -v '?' in your terminal to get a list of all available voices


  • Download the CLI
  • Make a .txt containing dialogue lines in the following format: [voice]: [text], like this one:
Alex: Hi, how are you doing?
Karen: I'm good! How about you?
Alex: Good. I've been thinking about this city today.
Victoria: Really? How so?
Karen: Oh, Victoria, you're here!
Victoria: Yes, I arrived two minutes ago.
Karen: So what about this city, Alex?
Alex: It's just...
Alex: How Montreal in the winter inspires people to do art.
  • Pass the txt as an argument to the CLI (you can also open a terminal, drag the CLI on it, then drag the txt, then press enter):
./arguing-robots examples/montreal-in-the-winter.txt
  • Hear and watch robots argue

Whisper: Who is Lain?

Lain's Navi