This weekend we aired the second episode of Weekends With Champions, a spin-off of the original Conversations With CodeChef. The session was live, an hour-long, and we had viewers from all across the globe tuning in for an exciting afternoon! Our guest for the episode was Akashdeep Nain, and we had an absolutely marvelous time interacting with him. The Google coder, ICPC problem-setter, and competitive programming ace gave us an inside look at what it takes to be the best and spoke to us about his journey to the top. 

The conversation got personal at places, and Nain spoke about how his father’s death put a financial strain on the family, which required him to start earning. Watching him talk about his struggles and how he made it despite all of this was inspirational, to say the least. We also had a chance to pick his brains on his top tricks and tips regarding competitive programming. Overall, the session was an absolute must-watch for every aspiring competitive programmer out there. To level-up your game, you can check out the recording of the entire episode! 

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