To improve Kenny Weiss’ coaching website for client attraction, here are before and after images along with my suggested tweak.

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Before screenshot


My suggested tweak for attracting more clients with your website

I like the video. You sound clear and professional. Serious.

I would get that video up to the top so that when people arrive, they learn quickly what you do and why they need to be at your site (and contact you).

At present, your content and video are down low on the page and if you haven’t heard yet, most people leave websites (bounce rate) within seconds of arriving.

Thus, you need to grab attention immediately, before any scrolling, right on the top of your site.

Also, get a sweet, juicy headline that grabs attention up there as well. The sooner you grab their attention, engage them, and show them how you can help, the better.

Also, to get them to read lower, another second engaging headline will work.

Here’s the after screenshot


Does this spark any reactions, thoughts, ideas or suggestions? Let’s hear it! Post below. 😉