I used to be an intellectual snob, I suppose. I used to think that the path to knowledge is through hard learning, like I used to do when I was in high school and when I used to have 15 subjects per semester. What I learned, specially after living in United States for my whole adult life, is that it is not how you learn, but what you learn and how well do you retain and embody what you learn. I've learned that Math can be fun (I knew that about science from before), and that there is a simple and interesting, albeit slower way to adoption of the fundamental mathematical skills. In this entry I will give one of my favorite examples. Watching PBS You and PBS Kids I discovered a great, entertaining show called Standard Deviants where a group of talented young actors present (almost in a Monti Python fashion) important educational subjects, including Math, in a fun and entertaining way. Watching just a few shows on Italian I learned more about Italian grammar than I ever knew (I knew Italian from before). I found Standard Deviants specifically helpful in math and sciences. You can almost say it is a "Math for Dummies" approach without all the unnecessary trivialization of the subject. They just wrap it all up with a humor. Public libraries often carry their sets as well as major online bookstores and auction places. I like their set The Standard Deviants - DVD Mighty Math Pack. For people who are interested in slightly more involved subjects I recommend Calculus DVD Pack.