Dolphin breaks free of the beta-net and impresses on the main network, Reddit TipBot, Nano gaming news, and Nano How looks at wallets…

Speedy Dolphin making waves on the Nano network

Since launching on Thursday, Nano users have happily reported a consistent and significant increase in transaction speed.

Looking at the confirmation time since the launch of Dolphin. 99% of transactions are being confirmed in less than 2 seconds, with the majority reaching confirmation in well under a second. Source:

The Dolphin release also contains a variety of different optimizations and cleanups — including naming changes from the “rai” to the “nano” and the addition of local timestamps to the node software, representing a substantial step forward in protocol development.

Find out more about the new release here

Nano tips are now on Reddit following the release of new Tipbot

After some private testing and some a lot of hard work, u/Zily88 this week introduced the beta release of the Nano Reddit tipbot to the Nano subreddit. The community rallied around the new software, and u/PWPersian instigated a Tip Party in which hundreds of users participated. This development is another example of the protocol providing a platform for the efficient integration of microtransactions into existing services such as Twitter and Reddit. Integrations such as these offer a meaningful example of immediately applicable early use cases for cryptocurrency in general.

New NanoQuake preview trailer

The NanoQuake team are consistently expanding and improving on their impressive proof-of-concept! Version 1.6 is just around the corner with another slew of updates, including a Mac installer, new translations, UI improvements and optimizations to the Nano layer.

Player Killers Exchange — A new Nano gaming experience

A new Nano-based hack ’n’ slash RPG, Players Killer Exchange, has launched and offers players the opportunity to receive Nano payments in exchange for kills. The game’s developer, u/Ballstone_Group, recently talked about how the Nano protocol offers a versatile and useful tool for the integration of genuine microtransactions into video games.

Check out this clip of Nano community member TiggerHaven streaming Player Killer Exchange.

Tune in to watch him play again this Wednesday at 12pm PST/ 3pm EST/ 8pm GMT, and even throw some Nano tips his way using the 1upcoin or plugins.

Nano How 3 — Light Wallets

Nano How is a series of short explainers providing clear descriptions, in the most basic form possible, of the crucial elements that piece together to create the Nano experience. Whether it is basic protocol information or explanations of the various types of services around the ecosystem, Nano How helps the non-technically proficient members of the community understand the underlying principles behind how Nano works as a global currency.

This week the focus is on Light Wallets, written by u/DotcomL:

Light wallets provide an easy way for users to send and receive Nano, instead of having to maintain a full node. A light wallet holds your private key and communicates with a full node that the wallet provider runs. To ‘receive’ transactions, it pulls pending blocks and creates corresponding receive blocks; to ‘send,’ it generates send-blocks and pushes these to the full node. The node then broadcasts the blocks to the network.

Read the guide here