• Fashionista asked, “What the hell are we supposed to wear this summer?”
  • The Washington Post explored the recent surge in shapewear sales.
  • Mother Jones looked at the plastic surgery boom resulting from people being on Zoom all day.
  • USA Today offered tips on working from home outdoors. 
  • An opinion piece in The Atlantic argued for three days a week in the office and two at home.
  • An analysis in The Washington Post explained how the past year has “fundamentally changed the economy and what many Americans want in their working life.”
  • The Guardian talked to people who aren’t ready to give up their masks — and not because of health concerns.
  • Vox’s The Goods wondered what dating will look like this summer.
  • Elle looked at the real “gurus” behind Instagram’s most popular affirmation accounts.
  • Your Laugh of the Week comes from Slackjaw, with “I’m Selling My Middle School Facebook Posts As NFTs.”

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