These are the ten most rated questions at Stack Overflow last week.
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  1. Find all the numbers in one file that are not in another file in python - [10/4]
  2. Incrementing add under condition in pandas - [8/5]
  3. Can I split this column containing a mix of tuples/None more efficiently? - [6/4]
  4. Measuring the diameter pictures of holes in metal parts, photographed with telecentric, monochrome camera with opencv - [6/3]
  5. Which cubic spline method does scipy ndimage use for affine_transform? - [6/1]
  6. Unable to close worksheet in xlsxwriter - [6/0]
  7. How to change entire row if NaN present if a single column has NaN - [5/5]
  8. How to find intersections of ranges of float tuples across two lists in python? - [5/4]
  9. Find index of the first and/or last value in a column that is not NaN - [5/4]
  10. How to join many fragmented time series in one regular Pandas DataFrame in Python - [5/4]