BigQuery Alternatives?

There are a number of possible alternatives within the Google Cloud, AWS and Azure cloud environments. However, alternative can be a loaded term here. What are you looking for in an alternative? Did you have a bad experience with BigQuery? Is cost a driver? Performance? Administration? Missing or underperforming features?

First, Google BigQuery is a compelling solution. For example, if you are a Google Analytics 360 customer with a $500 a month credit towards BigQuery. Given this allowance, there might not be an alternative since you are getting BigQuery at no or low cost. Also, BigQuery offers a full free tier:

  • Every month Google will give you a free terabyte of queries
  • Every month you’ll be able to load your own data at no cost — up to 10GB

In this case, just looking at cost, there might not be alternative options.

However, if referring alternative weights other cost or technical aspects, then exploring solutions that separate compute and storage like BigQuery may hold opportunities.

For example, Amazon Athena might be an option given that it separates compute and storage costs. However, unlike BigQuery you have to be mindful of the format of your objects used by Athena. This can impact the costs upward and downward. BigQuery can also query objects outside its local storage like Google Cloud Storage, so in some respects, it is a hybrid of Redshift Spectrum and Athena.

If you are looking at comparable in terms of a broader ecosystem of tools, then your consideration set widens considerably. For example, if you are a Tableau user looking for a comparable solution to BigQuery then you have about two dozen options that would fit that generic “comparable” criteria.

Lastly, if you are committed to only using Google Cloud then there are no true alternatives to BigQuery. I doubt you would want to use Athena when the rest of your ecosystem is resident Google Cloud Platform.

We just published an article How to Choose a Data Warehouse Solution that Fits Your Needs that touches on this topic as well.

Automated, Zero Administration Google BigQuery Data Pipelines

With our zero administration Google BigQuery service, you have the flexibility to batch transfer data or stream event data to BigQuery. Batch data pipelines are perfect for those cases where you want to push files from on-premise systems, database exports or files from third parties. The streaming data pipelines allow you to deliver even level data from web applications, mobile or other services like Zapier directly to Google BigQuery.

You can also leverage our rich catalog of social media, advertising, support, e-commerce, analytics, and other marketing technology categories to send data to Amazon Athena and start querying. It includes 600+ data sources like Google Analytics 360, DoubleClick, Instagram, YouTube, Adobe Analytics, Facebook, Salesforce, Marketo, Zendesk, HubSpot and many more.

With data in Google BigQuery, you can use your favorite tools for data analysis, visualization, reporting, and analysis like Tableau Software, Looker, standard SQL, and many others. When BigQuery user queries data our service will ensure the simplest, easiest and best experience possible.

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