Fleets might not be the most original concept. But you could argue that if any social platform other than Snapchat was to copy the feature of temporary photo and video posts, there isn't a social media platform better suited to it than Twitter.

Even though tweets are up on the internet until you choose to delete them, their instant nature captures small moments (or thoughts) in time. Conveniently, social media stories do the same.

Twitter has just upgraded its own version of this feature, Fleets, with the addition of Twemojis. Here's what Twemojis are, plus how you can add them to your fleets.

What Are Twemojis?

Twemojis are the animated pictures and emojis that you can add to your Fleets. They work just like stickers on Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram stories, but instead sport designs that are exclusive to Twitter.

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The original version of Fleets does not have filters or any image editing tools—just the ability to add text and change its background color. So, adding Twemojis can be a quick and easy way to make your Fleets more expressive or exciting to look at.

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How to Add Twemojis to Your Fleets

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A screenshot of the stickers menu on Twitter Fleets
A screenshot of the Twemojis menu on Twitter Fleets
A Fleet with a Twemoji featuring a dog

If your Fleet needs just a little more oomph, consider adding a Twemoji to really give your followers an idea of how you're feeling. When crafting a Fleet, follow these steps to add a Twemoji:

  1. Tap the button with the white smiley face icon at the bottom of the screen. It's right next to the button that allows you to add text.
  2. A new menu will show up, where you can directly scroll through the selection of stickers, or use the search bar at the top to find something specific. Select the Twemoji that you want to add to your Fleet.
  3. You can now place the Twemoji anywhere you like by dragging it into place. It can also be rotated or scaled if you use two fingers to turn, stretch, or shrink the Twemoji.
  4. Send your Fleet by hitting the white Fleet button in the top right corner.

Twemojis Add More to Fleets

Twitter officially added Twemojis to the Fleets feature in April 2021, after announcing that it was testing them exclusively in Japan in late February. They must have been well-received, considering that they were introduced worldwide a little over a month later.

If you don't want to post pictures on your Twitter page that could stay up for years, Fleets are a great alternative. And adding Twemojis to them will help add a bit of character.