There is no generic “better”. Better is a function of how productive you (and your organization) can be with any tool. Try them both and see for yourself! Both products have strengths and weaknesses.

We provided a scorecard to help teams better align the tool to their needs (and capabilities). Run Tableau and QlikView through the scorecard to see what makes sense:

Tableau recently released Prep which deals with some shortcomings in the tool for data processing and modeling. The Prep UI is in keeping with the ease of use Tableau is generally known for. This might tip the scales in favor of Tableau for some teams.

DWant to discuss how to leverage Tableau or QlikView data within your organization? Need a platform and team of experts to kickstart your data and analytic efforts? We can help! Getting traction adopting new technologies, especially if it means your team is working in different and unfamiliar ways, can be a roadblock for success. This is especially true in a self-service only world. If you want to discuss a proof-of-concept, pilot, project or any other effort, the Openbridge platform and team of data experts are ready to help.

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