It’s no secret that to an outsider, Americans often look like a quirky bunch of people. Red solo cups, free refills, and bulk shopping are all just the tip of the iceberg where it does get much weirder. But what the rest of the world finds particularly interesting about Americans is how bold they can sometimes be in the ways they approach foreigners.

So when an Aussie TikToker, @Voidable from Brisbane, asked people “What is the dumbest thing an American has ever said to you?” it blew up immediately all over the social platform, with people spilling the beans big time.

From questions like “Do you speak European?” or “Asian?” to genuinely wondering if a person from Egypt lives in a pyramid, these are some of the most “seriously?” queries thrown at non-Americans. Get ready to chuckle, and then make sure to check out our previous post with Americans being clueless to the moon and back.

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My grandma went on a European cruise and came back complaining that there were too many foreigners. LIKE ??? YOURE THE FOREIGNER.


“She went to Europe”
“What country?”
“Yeah what country in Europe?”
“The country Europe”
“Europe is a continent”
“What's a continent?”


Got asked if we have electricity in Germany, I replied that in Germany we have to run in our giant hamster wheels to generate power.


“Wait, some other countries have presidents too? I thought it was just an American thing.”


They asked if I lived in a pyramid. I’m from Egypt. It has happened multiple times.


"Our sun is brighter than yours."


"I didn't know Alabama had its own language." After I said I speak Albanian.


“Do you speak Asian?” I am Asian but I don’t speak Asian.


When they ask you if you have internet access - while chatting online.


"Australia is the Florida of Europe" I thought they were joking, but no, they were dead serious.


One said to me “wait it snows outside of America?” Like wait until you hear that it snows in Africa.


“Do you watch TV in English or Australian?”


“Do you speak European?”


"Why do YOU care who runs OUR country, it's not like it affects you"
Pretty sure WWIII affects the planet, bud.


I have a foreign ID card and my date of birth is written as 18/04/95 and I had someone ask me once “you guys have 18 months in your country?”


"Netherlands? Isn’t that where Peter Pan lives?"


Me telling Americans I'm from Norway: "ohh the capital of Sweden?"


“Do y’all have grass in Mexico?” GRASS, she thought we were a big dessert.


“Your English is so good, how long have you been learning it?” Ummm as an Aussie, my whole life.


My dads American co-worker was shocked that my dad had a drivers license, because he seriously thought that we only ride horse and buggy in Denmark.


"In Finland you have polar bears walking around the streets, right?"


“The closest I've ever been to Brazil was in Spain last year.” She lived in Florida.


My dad was asked by a Harvard graduate how long it would take to drive from New York to Ireland.


They genuinely thought that Canadians have to live underground in the winter because it’s below 0.


"Yeah I am from Libya."
"Ohhhhh do you guys have a sun?"


I got into an argument with American cousin about whether or not it's safe to play with the liquid inside a thermometer. BTW ITS MERCURY.


“I’m Spanish”
“Where in South America is Spain at?”
“I’m European”
“I thought u said u were Spanish”
“Spain is in Europe”
“What’s Europe?”


"So you guys have politics? I thought you didnt get to chose the queen."


Someone asked if it’s true the UK doesn’t celebrate Christmas.


"Does gravity work opposite in Australia?" I was half amazed that he knew what gravity was and half dumbfounded.


“When’s December for you?”


I'm from Indonesia. They said, "Is that in India?"


An American who thought Canada was a third world country. Because every country except the USA is a third world country. They really thought that.


“Do you have oceans in Australia?”


Girl said I was insensitive for making jokes about the Pompeii volcano eruption. She said it happened 2008, and not 79 C.E


"I have freedom of speech because I'm American... You don't" I'm from Britain by the way.


An American dude, about 25-30, laywer, mindblown that we had fields in the French countryside cause he "thought that France was only made of cities"


"I'm from Serbia" "omg how did you learn english, don't you live in like" and I quote "PAPER HOUSES?"


German here - asked if we had nice cars in Germany.... like the BMW he was driving.


I’m Italian: “is it true that you think in English and then translate it to Italian when you speak Italian?”


“You don’t have dollars in France ?” Biggest laugh of my life.


I had someone ask me what it’s like having Christmas in the middle of the year. I had to explain that we still have it in December, it’s just hot.


Someone corrected my spelling of Sydney, apparently it's sidny (I'm Australian)


“Do you have swimming pool in Indonesia?”


He told me that the USA is the best country in the world, they are the only country where you can vote freely and give your opinion


"Do you guys also celebrate New Years???" like eh.


"Do you guys have any supermarkets?" or "Which US state is Serbia?"


I was asked whether I‘m from West or East Germany and if the Berlinwall is still standing. That was in 2008


I told someone I'm Hungarian and she responded with: "But why do you look European?"


Once one person asked me if there are beaches in Brazil...


"Where are you from?" "Sweden" "Omg, I love swiss cheese and chocolate!"


My us host mom thought human blood is blue until it‘s out of the skin..


him: "you don't study US history?" me: "no, just like you don't study Chilean history". him: "but it's different, we're an actual original country"


"ohmygod you're Dutch? Write my name in your alphabet!!" -Rebekah


A girl asked me where I’m from... I said Spain... and then she told me she drove there last summer ( we were in Texas)


An American asked me how comes British people speak English and thought it was so we could understand Americans. He didn’t know England was a country.


How can you be from England if you’re not white?


I've worked at the Viking Shop Museum in Denmark, and Americans often thought Vikings are a living race, that live in territories nearby our museum..


one person believed the capital of Paris was Italy. You know, a separate country


“Is there toilet paper in Portugal?”


“Canada? Isn’t that a US state?”


While visiting LA, a girl asked where I lived and I said Australia (I was living there at the time) and she said “OMG, my dream is to go to Europe!”


Me: I just got my new iPhone! American: I didn’t know they had iPhones in Germany!


Do you speak moozlim? WHAT IS MOOZLIm? iTS MuSLIm AND ItS A RELIGION


I had an American ask me if we IN Canada are celebrating the 4th of July. ??? No... Because that is an American Holiday. ??? What?


"Argentines are not from latin america because most of them are white" guess I'm european now and I didn't even notice lol


"Oh you're from Poland. Have you seen any polar bears?"
Hun, I'm from Central Europe, not Antarctica...