priapusWhile out with friends this weekend, one of my friends asked me, “So what’s up with this Priapus penis enlargement shot?” I admit; I was stumped. To my chagrin, I hadn’t even heard of it.

So, I’ve done a little research, in hopes of answering the question –

What is the Priapus shot?

Priapus Shot Development

The Priapus shot was developed by a physician from Alabama, Dr. Charles Runnels. This creator of the O-Shot… yes, an orgasm shot for women.. came up with the Priapus shot while performing cosmetic lip enlargement on a patient. Dr. Runnels notes,

“[I]t occurred to me that it would be wonderful to do the same thing for the penis. If you can inject the mouth to give it a larger shape then why should you not be able to do the same thing with the penis?”

The Priapus shot uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP), injected into the penis. Used in the past in facelifts and scar regeneration, Dr. Runnels says the similar regenerative effects can be applied to the penis, resulting in a larger and harder penis.

Potential Complications

Of course, with all medical procedures, there are side effects you need to consider, before running down to get the Priapus shot.

  • Allergic reaction – Although the official Priapus shot website says there hasn’t been an instance of an allergic reaction, there is always a possibility when injecting foreign matter into the body.
  • Lumpiness – Again, anytime you inject foreign matter into your body, there is always a chance that some lumpiness or malformation will occur.
  • Temporary – Right now, the Priapus website is saying the effect lasts up to 18 months, with a possibility of it being permanent.
  • Not FDA Approved – As of this writing, the Priapus shot has not been approved by the FDA, for use in penis enlargement.
  • Expensive – The shot can costs thousands of dollars. And, remember, it’s likely temporary.

My Opinion?

This is such a new procedure, you need to consider this very, very carefully. Think about the issues women had with early silicone implants. When you put something in your body that nature/God/whoever you believe created you didn’t intend to be there — well, there are always possible repercussions. Here’s my thoughts:

  • Talk with your family physician before undergoing this, or any, medical procedure — someone who doesn’t have a financial stake in your decision.
  • Try other, less-invasive methods of penis enlargement, before you go to more extreme measures. Penis exercises, pumps, extenders, etc. have all been proven to be effective enlargement methods that are safe.
  • Be sure to actually talk to men who’ve had the procedure, if you’re really considering it. Don’t just read testimonials on a website. Have a face-to-face conversation about their experience, before you make a decision.

Remember — you only have one penis.