By Brandon Butler

For an acquirer it is a potentially attractive purchase, albeit an expensive one. Salesforce has a large install base and it’s still growing quickly. It’s also set up well to play in emerging technology markets, such as the platform as a service (PaaS) market. That means Salesforce could help a company like Microsoft round out its existing cloud products, or help a company like Oracle or IBM solidify its stake in this still-emerging market.

benioff-100581367-large.idgeAt this point all this is just conjecture: Neither Salesforce, nor any of the companies rumored to be exploring a purchase have made any public statements acknowledging it. The whole situation was spurred by a report noting that Salseforce has hired a firm to help it filed offers. TBR believes that if multiple vendors are in the running that a sale is a “very likely” outcome though.

If one of the first companies to create a successful cloud-business model gets sold, it could mark what Forbes columnist Jason Bloomberg calls the “end of the beginning” of the cloud market.

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