The Connection Between Burnout and Personality Types in Software Developers
Confluent-Drawing Parallel Coordinates: Web-Based Interactive Visual Analytics of Large Multi-Dimensional Data
Automatic Conditional Generation of Personalized Social Media Short Texts
Computer-Simulation Model Theory (P= NP is not provable)
Neural Collective Entity Linking Based on Recurrent Random Walk Network Learning
A Language for Programming Edge Clouds for Next Generation IoT Applications
Multilingual Named Entity Recognition Using Pretrained Embeddings, Attention Mechanism and NCRF
SurfCon: Synonym Discovery on Privacy-Aware Clinical Data
Identification of Tasks, Datasets, Evaluation Metrics, and Numeric Scores for Scientific Leaderboards Construction
Reinforcement Learning with Convex Constraints
Learning to Sample: Counting with Complex Queries
Collective Mobile Sequential Recommendation: A Recommender System for Multiple Taxicabs
Evaluating Computational Language Models with Scaling Properties of Natural Language
A Retrospective Recount of Computer Architecture Research with a Data-Driven Study of Over Four Decades of ISCA Publications
Copula Density Estimation by Finite Mixture of Parametric Copula Densities
Model Bridging: To Interpretable Simulation Model From Neural Network
RLTM: An Efficient Neural IR Framework for Long Documents
Multi-task Learning for Aggregated Data using Gaussian Processes
Algorithms for Similarity Search and Pseudorandomness
Fisher and Kernel Fisher Discriminant Analysis: Tutorial
An enhanced KNN-based twin support vector machine with stable learning rules
Semantically Driven Auto-completion
Flattening a Hierarchical Clustering through Active Learning
The Measurement of Statistical Evidence as the Basis for Statistical Reasoning
Explainable Knowledge Graph-based Recommendation via Deep Reinforcement Learning
Learning Activation Functions: A new paradigm of understanding Neural Networks
Smaller Text Classifiers with Discriminative Cluster Embeddings
Variational Sequential Labelers for Semi-Supervised Learning
Retrial Queueing Models: A Survey on Theory and Applications
The Kernel Spatial Scan Statistic
Visual Context-aware Convolution Filters for Transformation-invariant Neural Network
Automatic Acrostic Couplet Generation with Three-Stage Neural Network Pipelines
A Syllable-Structured, Contextually-Based Conditionally Generation of Chinese Lyrics
KaWAT: A Word Analogy Task Dataset for Indonesian
Exploiting Unsupervised Pre-training and Automated Feature Engineering for Low-resource Hate Speech Detection in Polish
Brain Network Construction and Classification Toolbox (BrainNetClass)
The PRIMPing Routine — Tiling through Proximal Alternating Linearized Minimization
C-SALT: Mining Class-Specific ALTerations in Boolean Matrix Factorization
Embedded Deep Learning for Sleep Staging
A Study of Solar Irradiance Prediction Error Impact on a Home Energy Management System
Development Framework for Longitudinal Automated Driving Functions with Off-board Information Integration
SMILES-X: autonomous molecular compounds characterization for small datasets without descriptors
Coherent systems with dependent and identically distributed components: A study of relative ageing based on cumulative hazard and cumulative reversed hazard rate functions
Scaling of shot noise processes
AI vs Humans for the diagnosis of sleep apnea
Scenarios for Educational and Game Activities using Internet of Things Data
SPSMAT: GNU Octave software package for spectral and pseudospectral methods
Multi-Point Synchronization for Fog-Controlled Internet of Things
Improving Branch Prediction By Modeling Global History with Convolutional Neural Networks
Visualizing Representational Dynamics with Multidimensional Scaling Alignment
Semi-parametric Realized Nonlinear Conditional Autoregressive Expectile and Expected Shortfall
Classification model for microphone type recognition
Intelligent Reflecting Surface Meets OFDM: Protocol Design and Rate Maximization
Automatic Intracranial Brain Segmentation from Computed Tomography Head Images
Optimal WDM Power Allocation via Deep Learning for Radio on Free Space Optics Systems
The size of the joint-giant component in a binomial random double graph
Classical Music Prediction and Composition by means of Variational Autoencoders
Centralized Caching and Delivery of Correlated Contents over Gaussian Broadcast Channels
How many real solutions of a random equations (I)
Characterization of Non-linearities through Mechanical Squeezing in Levitated Optomechanics
A Multitask Network for Localization and Recognition of Text in Images
Robustness of Dynamical Quantities of Interest via Goal-Oriented Information Theory
Enhancing the Physical Layer Security of Dual-functional Radar Communication Systems
Hiding Faces in Plain Sight: Disrupting AI Face Synthesis with Adversarial Perturbations
Control-Theoretic Models of Environmental Crime
A note on two orthogonal totally $C_4$-free one-factorizations of complete graphs
Phoneme-Based Contextualization for Cross-Lingual Speech Recognition in End-to-End Models
Generating Counterfactual and Contrastive Explanations using SHAP
Impact of Distributed Energy Resources on Frequency Regulation of the Bulk Power System
Explicit Agent-Level Optimal Cooperative Controllers for Dynamically Decoupled Systems with Output Feedback
Integrated Access Backhauled Networks
Adversarial Examples to Fool Iris Recognition Systems
Neural Machine Translating from Natural Language to SPARQL
Averaging causal estimators in high dimensions
Design and analysis considerations for a sequentially randomized HIV prevention trial
Simple Mechanisms for Profit Maximization in Multi-item Auctions
Approximating Interactive Human Evaluation with Self-Play for Open-Domain Dialog Systems
A Study of State Aliasing in Structured Prediction with RNNs
A Cyclically-Trained Adversarial Network for Invariant Representation Learning
Asymmetric Distributed Trust
Re-Weighted $\ell_1$ Algorithms within the Lagrange Duality Framework: Bringing Interpretability to Weights
Reserve Pricing in Repeated Second-Price Auctions with Strategic Bidders
Bivariate FCLT for the Sample Quantile and Measures of Dispersion for Augmented GARCH($p$,$q$) processes
SeGMA: Semi-Supervised Gaussian Mixture Auto-Encoder
Building a Benchmark Dataset and Classifiers for Sentence-Level Findings in AP Chest X-rays
Scalable Differentially Private Generative Student Model via PATE
Leveraging Reinforcement Learning Techniques for Effective Policy Adoption and Validation
A combinatorial study of affine Schubert varieties in affine Grassmannian
Gaussian Process-Based Refinement of Dispersion Corrections
Underpinnings of User-Channel Allocation in Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access for 5G
Logarithmic asymptotics for probability of component-wise ruin in two-dimensional Brownian model
Uncertainty in the Predictive Capability of Detectors that Process Waveforms from Explosions
Suboptimal Provision of Privacy and Statistical Accuracy When They are Public Goods
Boosting the rule-out accuracy of deep disease detection using class weight modifiers
Unsupervised Ensemble Classification with Dependent Data
Diversifying Seeds and Audience in Social Influence Maximization
A Novel Deep Transfer Learning Method for Detection of Myocardial Infarction
Multitaper Analysis of Evolutionary Spectra from Multivariate Spiking Observations
Scalable Bayesian dynamic covariance modeling with variational Wishart and inverse Wishart processes
Quantitative evaluation of regulatory policies for reducing deforestation using the bent-cable regression model
Trivalent dihedrants and bi-dihedrants
Homogenization of a Nonlocal Stochastic Schrodinger Equation with Oscillating Potential
On sequential maxima of exponential sample means, with an application to ruin probability
A Halo Merger Tree Generation and Evaluation Framework
Baidu-UTS Submission to the EPIC-Kitchens Action Recognition Challenge 2019
A Bandit Approach to Posterior Dialog Orchestration Under a Budget
ZOFI: Zero-Overhead Fault Injection Tool for Fast Transient Fault Coverage Analysis
Prefix palindromic length of the Thue-Morse word
Models of Continuous-Time Networks with Tie Decay, Diffusion, and Convection
Adaptive Precision CNN Accelerator Using Radix-X Parallel Connected Memristor Crossbars
On PM-monoids and braid PM-monoids
Learning Set-equivariant Functions with SWARM Mappings
Bayesian Nash Equilibrium in First-Price Auction with Discrete Value Distributions
A reaction network scheme which implements inference and learning for Hidden Markov Models
Large deviations of the empirical measure of diffusions in fine topologies with applications
Low-regularity integrators for nonlinear Dirac equations
On edge-primitive graphs with soluble edge-stabilizers
Keyword Spotting for Hearing Assistive Devices Robust to External Speakers
Link Prediction in Real-World Multiplex Networks via Layer Reconstruction Method
End-to-End ASR for Code-switched Hindi-English Speech
Alchemy: A Quantum Chemistry Dataset for Benchmarking AI Models
Semi-tractability of optimal stopping problems via a weighted stochastic mesh algorithm
Equidistribution of random walks on compact groups
Deep Single Image Deraining Via Estimating Transmission and Atmospheric Light in rainy Scenes
Intelligent Reflecting Surface for Downlink Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access Networks
A Unifying Framework for Variance Reduction Algorithms for Finding Zeroes of Monotone Operators
Efficient Peer-to-Peer Content Sharing for Learning in Virtual Worlds
A support vector regression-based multi-fidelity surrogate model
Retrieving Sequential Information for Non-Autoregressive Neural Machine Translation
Learning with fuzzy hypergraphs: a topical approach to query-oriented text summarization
Adaptive Period Embedding for Representing Oriented Objects in Aerial Images
Deep learning approach to description and classification of fungi microscopic images
Numerical schemes to reconstruct three dimensional time-dependent point sources of acoustic waves
Bayesian Optimization with Directionally Constrained Search
A hybrid Hermite WENO scheme for hyperbolic conservation laws
On the Poisson Equation of Parameter-Dependent Markov Chains
Numerical analysis of eikonal equation
Predicting kills in Game of Thrones using network properties
Iris Verification with Convolutional Neural Network
Density Estimation on a Network
The phase diagram of approximation rates for deep neural networks
The non-tightness of the reconstruction threshold of a 4 states symmetric model with different in-block and out-block mutations
A neurally plausible model learns successor representations in partially observable environments
Super-resolution energy spectra from neutron direct-geometry spectrometers
Feasible Path Identification in Optimal Power Flow with Sequential Convex Restriction
Relative variation indexes for multivariate continuous distributions on $[0,\infty)^k$ and extensions
Protecting shared information in networks: a network security game with strategic attacks
Asymmetric Random Projections
Wireless Communications Through Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces
Extended-range statistical ENSO prediction through operator-theoretic techniques for nonlinear dynamics
Multi-Cell Sparse Activity Detection for Massive Random Access: Massive MIMO versus Cooperative MIMO
Structure learning in graphical models by covariance queries
On Decomposition Models in Imaging Sciences and Multi-time Hamilton-Jacobi Partial Differential Equations
Quality Amplification of Error Prone Navigation for Swarms of Micro Aerial Vehicles (with Detailed Simulations)
Local Exchangeability
Trajectory Generation for UAVs in Unknown Environments with Extreme Wind Disturbances
Learning Belief Representations for Imitation Learning in POMDPs
On the Secrecy Rate of Spatial Modulation Based Indoor Visible Light Communications
Image Retrieval and Pattern Spotting using Siamese Neural Network
Mumford-Shah functionals on graphs and their asymptotics
Fractional-order Backpropagation Neural Networks: Modified Fractional-order Steepest Descent Method for Family of Backpropagation Neural Networks
Defending Against Adversarial Examples with K-Nearest Neighbor
Parzen Filters for Spectral Decomposition of Signals
Neural networks with motivation
Bias Correction of Learned Generative Models using Likelihood-Free Importance Weighting
Efficient Implementation of Second-Order Stochastic Approximation Algorithms in High-Dimensional Problems
Inferring Latent dimension of Linear Dynamical System with Minimum Description Length
Algebraic Statistics in Practice: Applications to Networks
Deep urban unaided precise GNSS vehicle positioning
Multi-Scale Attentional Network for Multi-Focal Segmentation of Active Bleed after Pelvic Fractures
New Optimal $Z$-Complementary Code Sets from Matrices of Polynomials
Cross-lingual Data Transformation and Combination for Text Classification
A Reliability-Oriented Cost Optimisation Method for Capacity Planning of a Multi-Carrier Micro-Grid: A Case Study of Stewart Island, New Zealand
Computation Offloading and Resource Allocation for Backhaul Limited Cooperative MEC Systems
Fully Automatic Liver Attenuation Estimation Combing CNN Segmentation and Morphological Operations
Reinforcement Learning-Based Trajectory Design for the Drone Base Stations
Confidence Calibration for Convolutional Neural Networks Using Structured Dropout
DAL: Dual Adversarial Learning for Dialogue Generation
One-Shot Neural Architecture Search Through A Posteriori Distribution Guided Sampling
New sharp necessary optimality conditions for mathematical programs with equilibrium constraints