One of the major advantages of PostgreSQL conferences when you compare it to other conferences is, that you can listen to talks where the actual developers are presenting their work. You have questions about a feature, you want to know more about this or that: Just catch one of the developers and start to talk. It is as easy as that. Today it was even more impressive: Alvaro came to our booth and asked what we miss in PostgreSQL and what should be implemented to make our life easier. Where can you find that? Core developers directly going to people asking on how the product can be improved? That is pgconfeu.2019 and we are already half way through, one and a half day to go but I can already say that it is again an amazing conference.

As usual the conference started with hard work and management had to build the booth 🙂

This year pgconfeu is bigger than ever and 562 people made it to the conference. You really can feel the spirit around PostgreSQL in every other corner. People talking here, discussions there. PostgreSQL companies talking to each other and having fun. Fun with Oleg at the reception desk:

Julia attended the first time this year and will be giving here talk about Patroni automation with Ansible tomorrow. And there was it again: One of the creators of Patroni, is here as well and Julia’s questions have been directly answered.

Yesterday there was the social event organized by the conference and that was fun as well:

A PostgreSQL conference, as it is a community event, can only happen because of all the sponsors and volunteering. Volunteering for example means registering for being a room host. This is what I did this year and this is another great way of getting in touch with other PostgreSQL people. Here it is Gabriele, the man behind barman:

That’s it for now, interesting sessions happening which I do not want to miss, like this one from Hervé:

Btw: You can find a lot more impressions on Twitter.

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