Peacocks are truly magnificent birds especially so because of their splendid colours yet a white peacock with only one colour is still magnificent.

Peacocks are often called vain with such amazing colour and uniquely shaped feathers surely they have a right to vanity.

White peacocks are often called albino peacocks though this is not true, they have blue eyes and their skin colour is unaffected, a genetic variation causes just the feathers to be white while the skin and eyes are unaffected. It would be very rare to find a white peacock in the wild the white colour would cause them to be vulnerable to predators, I am not sure if it has been fully researched or proven but it is widely thought that white peacocks only exist within captivity. The first white peacock I ever seen was in Paloma Park Benalmadena there were several other coloured peacocks there too, seeing my first white peacock close up and live was surprising I didn’t expect it to be as magnificent as the coloured variety but yet when it spread its tail it truly was stunning.

Peacocks are native to India they were discovered by the British who spread them throughout the world. Peahens can also be all white and white peafowl are often intentionally bred by mating white peacocks with white peahens. White peachicks are born with yellow bodies only the wings are white until they mature. A peacocks train can account for more than fifty percent of its overall weight, the fanning of the tail is done to attract females during the mating season, peacocks molt and lose their trains in January but they are fully regrown by summer.

Paloma Park is in Benalmádena an Andalusian town close to Malaga on the Costa Del Sol Spain, Benalmadena Costa is the coastal tourist resort with beautiful beaches, large hotels, and vibrant night life, while Benalmadena Pueblo is the original village with peace tranquillity and immense traditional culture. Paloma Park is close to Arroyo De La Miel on the way from Benalmadena Costa to Benalmadena Pueblo. Arroyo De La Miel (Stream of Honey) is the main residential and commercial centre where you will find all the normal and necessary shopping.

Paloma park is large and beautiful it is within walking distance from any of the coastal hotels only a short distance from the famous windmill roundabout. It is well worth a visit for any tourist or explorer, and especially well worth a visit for anyone with children, entry is free bring a camera because this is a place where you will find and make unique memories.

The park has many attractions there are a couple of cafes where you can eat good food drink a coffee or a beer, there is an amazing cactus garden, a very interesting pond just below the library, there are playground areas and other attractions for children, especially interesting for the children are the hens, roosters, guinea pigs, and rabbits all roaming freely. There is a lake with ducks,swans, coots, and moorhens, also some very interesting fish and a few terrapins. The fauna is wonderful with some rare specimens, summer is the most colourful time for the botanical gardens but they are alive and interesting at any time of the year. The park is large and offers plenty of exercise by walking and exploring but if you want more there is lots of outdoor gym equipment throughout. The park is always well cared for and maintained it was always spotlessly clean when ever I visited.

Nearby attractions include Selwo Marina with dolphins, seals, penguins and more. Boat trips from the stunning marina in Benalmadena Costa. Tivoli World amusement park in Arroyo, and Teleferico cable car to Calamorro Moutain. An archaeological museum in Benalmadena Pueblo. Plus much more it is conveniently located and well within easy reach of many other towns and resorts, it is well serviced by both train and bus routes making it very easy to visit places like Malaga, Mijas, Torremolinos, Fuengirola, Gibraltar and many more. Using the local train and bus service is very easy even if you don’t speak Spanish.