Asian Market Cap is Asia’s most trusted and accurate source for cryptocurrency market capitalization, pricing and information. It is the most referenced source for comparing thousands of crypto entities and digital assets in the rapidly growing cryptocurrency space by users, institutions and media.

AMC (AsianMarketCap) is a Singapore-based company registered in Singapore that aims to provide accurate and transparent open-data to the cryptocurrency community, which allows users to form their own conclusions and interpretations based on the market.

It firmly stands as an independent data center for accurate, timely and unbiased information that enables each end user to draw his own informed conclusions based on the collected data of AsianMarketCap.

AMC uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models over the data and provides the accurate information in real-time. It also provides the crypto pricing forecast of the next three days depending on the market strategies. Our Machine Learning models work on the data received on the previous days and then provide an estimated pricing of the next three days.

AsianMarketCap provides up to date notifications of all market data found on the website from the various exchanges and are queued for their most recent data through their respective API’s and then our AI-based verification and data cleaning algorithms ensure the data integrity and data accuracy. Our market data is divided into different forms like pricing, volume, circulating supply and market capitalization.

This means that the trading volumes you find on our AMC website are much lower that what you find on the well-known coinmarketcap as it had been concluded that nearly every major centralized exchange is reporting suspicious trading activity or even completely fake trading volumes. This means that cryptocurrency data trackers that include these fraudulent exchanges in their reports are providing gross over-estimations of the total trading volume and this makes an extremely negative outcome on the everyday crypto investor or trader, who without accurate data, cannot hope to develop profitable trading strategies.

AMC has determined an initial set of 50 trusted exchanges following Bitwise order book analysis that shone a massive light on the current problem and follows a well-defined structure for nominating new exchanges to be listed and tracked.

Once an exchange is nominated as trusted, then AMC will conduct an order book analysis to check if the exchange can truly be deemed trustworthy before adding it to our tracker. Currently our platform and analysis is not open-source yet. However, eventually it will become open-source which means that in the future, we could truly see a decentralized order book analysis appear and we’ll no longer have to trust one source. A newsletter with all the required data is sent and our platform notifies the users instantly to help users to plan and develop their trading strategies.

AMC’s automated Machine Learning algorithm checks for the market data, daily volume and transactions to verify the cryptocurrency status. If there will be no data reported, then the cryptocurrency will be tagged as inactive and then it’ll be eventually removed from our platform within three months or less to make trading activities better in everyday crypto industry.

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