“Where there is a Will there is a Way” doesn’t really work.

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Your Set Patterns

From the time you wake up in the morning till the time you go to bed, you make countless decisions. Most of them are taken without you even realizing you are taking them. And if you are like most of the population, your set pattern of the day usually looks like this — One or two rounds of Alarm Snooze, check Social media feeds while still in Bed, Freshen up, Breakfast, Drive to work. Then the usual routine including the same Boring work, same time to take your tea/ coffee breaks, lunch, and time to drive back home. TV time, and then time for bed. Most of your day is a repeat of the previous day with little variation. The Brain is on auto-pilot throughout the day and loves to be in that state. Minimum Brain energy is being spent while the routine is the same. The Brain feels like its “winning”.

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Brain’s Defence Mechanisms

So as soon as “Change” is detected, the Brain goes in defensive mode. It assumes the worst, assumes loss is coming and the Brain does not like to lose — and thus preventing you from taking any decision that would create a Big “Change” in your routine.

Which is why most New Year resolutions fail. These resolutions are taken in a state of high — the high of the upcoming New Year brings out the resolution mode in most of us. But wanting something is easier said than done. For example, say you have decided to wake up early — instead of your usual 7 am, you have decided to wake up at say 5. And you will — for maybe a week or so since you have your Resolutions mode still strong and helping you. But the Brain is disoriented, it does not understand this new feeling of waking up early and will fight at all costs to keep status quo. This Change makes it feel like its losing, and it will fight you to get back to the Old habit of waking up late.

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Every big Change is then a difficult decision for the Brain — unfamiliar territory which is wants to avoid at all costs. The Brain will continuously dream up obstacles real and imaginary — and a single moment of hesitation will make you drop your decision and go back to the Old ways. “I slept in late”, “My body needs more rest”, “I have a long day today at work” — all these are plausible explanations the Brain will give you to go back to sleep. Sounds familiar?

Which is why most of us are stuck in a rut which we hate but still cant come out of.

How to make your resolutions work

As Tony Robbins rightly said “Resolutions require only words. Results take Action”.

To make the Big Change needs something other than just a resolution done from a moment of High. It needs:

1. A Desire for Change

2. A Plan for the Change

3. Mini Goals to achieve

4. Processes to check progress

5. And Faith that the Change can be achieved.

6. Action

We will see how to make the Big Change happen based on the above 5 Principle steps in my next Post.

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