The cloud market is one of the few sectors that has seen skyrocketing growth in the wake of the pandemic. Cloud computing is brimming with potential and is projected to grow 18.4% in 2021, with an estimated total revenue of $304.9 billion. 

The Covid-induced remote working scenarios has resulted in a proportional rise in cloud computing services. The adoption of service-oriented architecture and utility computing has led to growth in cloud computing from high-capacity networks to low-cost computers and storage devices. Tech companies are working to make them more affordable and accessible to startups, application developers and enterprises. With the increased adoption of cloud services comes the need for skilled professionals to meet these vast demands. 

If these numbers are to be believed, cloud computing is here to stay as the companies — both big and small continue to seek qualified professionals with cloud skills such as AWS and more. 

High In Demand

Many job portals and companies have numerous job openings in the cloud space, ranging from cloud architect to cloud network engineer to cloud developer. Reports suggest the number of job openings has increased exponentially compared to the last two years. LinkedIn pegs cloud computing as one of the most in-demand skills for six years running and is only growing.

Job portals such as Naukri, Monster, Indeed etc. have listed more than 30,000 current openings in cloud computing across companies. Some of the popular job roles are cloud architect, cloud developer, cloud network engineer, cloud automation engineer, to name a few. Companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, Wipro and TCS are looking for professionals with specific skill sets in cloud computing. In fact, between 2013 and 2017, the job postings in cloud computing grew by 121 per cent. To further attract professionals, the payout for cloud computing roles is also relatively high, $100,000 annually on average. 

Sought-After Skills

Talking about skills, cloud and distributed computing has been one of the most sought -after skills for quite a long time. Some of the other high in-demand skills are those around popular cloud architectures such as AWS, Microsoft, Google Cloud Provider, to name a few. Apart from cloud platforms, professionals should also be adept in knowledge around cloud storage, cloud networking, security, data management and more. Skills such as statistical analysis, distributed computing, middleware configuration, database maintenance etc. are also high in demand. 

Several industries, including banks, IT companies, and manufacturing companies, are hiring for roles such as cloud computing, cloud administrators, cloud engineers, and more. These positions often demand specific programming languages like Python, Java or Ruby, and experience with different operating systems such as Linux, database querying language like SQL, and more. 

Starting A Career 

From expertise in AWS to building and maintaining public, hybrid and private cloud services for a company, a role in cloud computing calls for a combination of skills. There are numerous cloud certification programs that can help you acquire the required skill sets. 

For instance, Amazon offers Amazon Web Services Certification, Google has Google Cloud Platform CloudAcademy, and Microsoft offers its own Microsoft Azure certifications. Apart from these, several other certifications may be helpful for candidates seeking a cloud computing job. 

Another critical step is to build a cloud portfolio, which essentially means to create a portfolio using projects from the training experience. Opting for internships is also a good move. 

Finally, learning new skills and adding new experiences is essential to keeping up with the cloud computing field opportunities. The more hands-on experience you have, the better your chances at gainful employment. All things considered, all the metrics indicate now is the perfect time to start a cloud computing career. 

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