Will Google Axe Duo to Take on Zoom?

Technology giant, Google recently announced that it was planning on axing the Duo app, according to a blog post from 9to5Google. Already, the Meet app is starting to grow, offering an integration with Gmail.

According to the report, the possible decision to remove Duo could be related to the decision to hand communication services over to G-Suite head, Javier Soltero. The Google executive has apparently already suggested that two apps for video calling may not be necessary.

When Google launched the Meet calling app (free to use, like Duo), it showed it was ready to take on Zoom. Meet also came embedded into the Gmail platform. The company may be thinking of keeping just one video calling app for both consumer and business needs. The two apps may even merge to create something new: Duet (Duo and Meet).

What’s Next for Google Video Conferencing?

Duo stands out as a valuable video app for Google, and it had a lot of value to offer before Meet arrived. Not all of Google’s tools have received the same positive response. Allo, for instance, turned out to be a flop, but Duo stood out for its video calling feature.

Google has consistently added new improvements to Duo, including call support for groups, web client support, video, and audio messages. The app also comes integrated with Google Messages and the phone dialer. Starting a video call is also quite simple.

The latest report says that the Meet app will revamp with some of the new features available from Google Duo, such as phone contact for video, end-to-end encryption, and 3D effects. The Google team may simply be thinking of removing Duo now because Meet has gained more popularity.

Meet is Gaining Steam

Just as most video conferencing apps around the world began to gain attention during COVID-19, Meet is dealing with a massive uptick in users. The Google team said that the number of peak daily users on Meet has jumped thirty times since April. Much of this usage may come down to the rapid spike of remote working in the landscape.

Notably, however, Duo didn’t achieve nearly as much of a boost. The Duo app increased in usage by 8 times – which is impressive – but doesn’t add up to the same impact as Meet. For now, we’ll have to just wait and see what Google decides to do next.