Family drama is something nobody is safe from. From discussing covid vaccines over Sunday barbecue to getting ready for your relative’s wedding, things can go wrong in a split second.

The latter has happened to a woman who had her wedding set for this year, but the engaged couple moved it to next year because of the pandemic. Meanwhile, her cousin has set her own wedding date scheduled just a day before the author’s, but “that’s a whole other story.”

The drama escalated when the cousin asked each family unit for $500 to finance her wedding. “I told her no because my fiancé and I are saving up,” wrote the author in a post on r/AITA. Everyone was left divided, and now the author wants to know if she was right to refuse to make the generous “donation.” Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below!

The author who’s saving for her own wedding refused to donate $500 to her cousin to finance her wedding, and now she’s not sure whether it was the right thing to do

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Here’s the full story of the incident which left members of the family divided

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And this is what people had to comment on the whole situation

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