Here’s a recap of the latest developments in the WordPress ecosystem, from WordPress core updates and Gutenberg news to more plugin news.

News from WordPress Core

A few noteworthy news items related to WordPress core were announced this month.

WordPress 5.2.4 Security Release

  • Filled your inbox with emails on October 14
  • You should update immediately on all websites if updates don’ happen automatically
  • Six security vulnerabilities patched
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes

WordPress 5.2.4 Security Release

WordPress 5.3

  • Scheduled for release on November 12
  • Focused on polishing current interactions and making the UI more friendly
  • A number of under the hood improvements:
      • Updated version of Backbone js library
    • Adding functions to support the new rel=“UGC” attribute for user-generated content
    • Overhaul of the date/time component
  • Big image handling in core
    • Big images are scaled down to 2560px by default
  • New show password option on login screen
  • Admin email verification screen
    • Shown to administrators once every 6 months
    • Should be able to be disabled with a function if you don’t want it
  • Update to the Block Editor
    • Will include the last 12 Gutenberg plugin releases
    • Significant improvements to group, column, and gallery blocks
      Accessibility mode, Snackbar notices, Typewriter mod
  • Improvements to Site Health feature
    • Previously there was an indicator and a percentage.
    • New version will use a grading indicator

WordPress 5.3 Development Cycle

New Twenty Twenty Default Theme

  • Based on the Chaplin
  • Bold design you’ll probably either love or hate
  • Strong customizer integration

Twenty Twenty Bundled in Core, Beta Features Overview

Gutenberg News

Gutenberg 6.5 Released September 18

  • Adds a nice social links block
  • Support for local auto-saves which store your layout locally every 15 seconds (in case you’re working with lousy wifi)
  • Other minor features, enhancements and accessibility and bug fixes
  • This is the version of Gutenberg that will be merged into WordPress 5.3

What’s new in Gutenberg? (18 September)

Rebirth of Creativity: Gutenberg and the Future of WordPress Themes

  • Excellent article on WP Tavern by Justin Tadlock
  • Are WordPress Themes dead?
    • No. But, the theme landscape will certainly change and not for the first time. We need not look at that as a bad thing.

Rebirth of Creativity: Gutenberg and the Future of WordPress Themes

WordPress Security News

iThemes Sync Vulnerability Patched

  • Discovered during a routine code audit
  • Patched immediately in version 2.0.18
  • Be sure you’re running the latest version of iThemes Sync

Important iThemes Sync Vulnerability Patched

WordPress Vulnerability Roundup

  • Twice monthly on the iThemes blog

WordPress Vulnerability Roundup: October 2019, Part 1

Popular Plugin Vulnerabilities (all patched in latest releases)

  • All in One WP Security and Firewall
  • Give
  • iThemes Sync
  • Lara’s Google Analytics
  • Popup Maker
  • Ultimate FAQwpDataTables

Other Plugin Vulnerabilities (all patched in latest releases)

  • Advanced AJAX Product Filters
  • Delucks SEO
  • Download Plugins and Themes from Dashboard
  • Easy FancyBox
  • Export Users to CSV
  • Motors Car Dealer & Classified Ads
  • SoundPress
  • Woody Ad Snippets

Theme Vulnerabilities

  • Nexos – Real Estate
  • Selio – Real Estate Directory

Other Security News

LastPass Chrome Extension

  • Update to latest version
  • No evidence the vulnerability was exploited in the wild

DoorDash Data Breach

  • 4.9 million customers, merchants and employees
  • Names, emails, address, phone, and passwords
  • Last 4 digits of customer credit cards
  • Some employee drivers license numbers

News From iThemes

Learn How to Build a WooCommerce Store with Chris Lema

  • October 29 1-4p Central
  • Configure your store
  • Choosing themes and plugins
  • Bringing in traffic
  • Optimizing for speed
  • Adding Integrations
  • Course pass is $69 – Register here now

How to Build Custom Gutenberg Blocks with Tessa Kriesel

  • October 24 1-4p Central
  • Using Advanced Custom
  • Fields (ACF) to build blocks
  • You’ll need to be comfortable and PHP
  • Intro to ACF on Oct 23
    Course Pass is $69 – Register here now

Jigoshop is Dead

  • The mother of WooCommerce is no more
  • Interesting thoughts in an article here:

The End of Jigoshop? What Happened to The Once-Popular Ecommerce WordPress Plugin

WordPress Plugin News

WP FeedBack

  • A promising premium plugin that allows clients to submit feedback visually.
  • If you work with clients, it’s worth a look:

A11y News

Supreme Court Denies Domino’s Pizza Appeal over Accessibility

  • The case was brought by a blind man who could not order from Domino’s website.
  • The issue: Does the ADA apply to websites and apps like it does brick and mortar locations?
  • The 9th Circuit Court decided the ADA applies to businesses on the Internet and the Supreme Court would not hear the appeal.
  • Likely we’ll see case law continue down this road, with more specific guidelines to follow.
  • Read More:

U.S. Supreme Court Denies Domino’s Appeal to Determine Whether Websites Must Be Accessible

Other News

  • PayPal Changes Policy on Fee Refunds – sellers pay full fees even if payment is refunded

  • Chrome Moving to Block All Mixed Content mixed-messages-about-https_3.html

  • Yoast Introduces CARE Fund – $25,000 to start ($500 to 50 volunteers)

Celebrating the WordPress community: the Yoast Care fund

Worth a Look

  • The History of WordPress in 4 Mins

  • The HTML Attribute that Could Be Costing Chipotle $4.4M

  • Packaging and Pricing Email Marketing

  • The Evolution of Anonymity in the Internet Age from Justin Tadlock

The Evolution of Anonymity in the Internet Age

  • 10 Thoughts on the Immediate Future ofthe Web from Morten Rand-Hendriksen

Where We Go From Here: 10 Thoughts on the Immediate Future of the Web

  • 9 CMS Plugins for WordPress

WordCamp News

  • Upcoming WordCamps in US & Canada
  • November 1-3 WordCamp US, St. Louis, MO
  • November 8-10 Riverside, CA
  • November 9-10 Seattle, WA
  • November 15-16 Boise, ID
  • February 7-8 Phoenix, AZ
  • February 28-March 1 Miami, FL
  • Full Schedule:


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