Each month’s WordPress Plugin Roundup recaps the best WordPress plugins that were added or updated within the last 30 days on the WordPress Plugin Directory. Here’s a list of our favorite new or recently-updated plugins for November 2019.

1. Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades

Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades

Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades fixes a limitation in WordPress by automatically upgrading the theme or plugin if it already exists. While upgrading, a backup copy of the old theme or plugin is first created. This allows you to install the old version in case of problems with the new version.

Nathan’s Notes:

  • A plugin I’ve used for years in my stack, but has somehow never been included in a Plugin Roundup (plus, it’s created by Chris Jean, Senior Developer for iThemes).
  • A must for themes and plugins which need to be manually updated.

2. WPS Bidouille

WPS Bidouille

WPS Bidouille provides information about your WordPress and contains optimization tools. You will be able to know everything about your server, optimize certain settings and download a TXT report of these values.

Nathan’s Notes:

  • Powerful tool for viewing a snapshot of the tech powering your WordPress website.
  • See an overview of the server config, themes and plugins and even download a txt summary.
  • Contains several helpful tools like database optimization and logging out all users.
  • Bidouille is the French word for a clever solution. Indeed it is!

3. CC Child Pages

CC Child Pages

CC Child Pages is a simple plugin to show links to child pages via a shortcode. Child Pages are displayed in responsive boxes, and include the page title, an excerpt and a “Read more…” link.

Nathan’s Notes:

  • A very handy way to show the child pages of a current page that I ran across for a project I’m working on right now.
  • Display via widget or a shortcode that can be generated from the visual editor.
  • Can display in a responsive grid and include as many columns, pages, and depth as you wish.
  • Thorough shortcode documentation available on the plugin’s page.

4. Post/Page Specific Custom CSS

Post/Page specific custom CSS

Post/Page specific custom CSS will allow you to add cascade stylesheet to specific posts/pages. It will give you special area in the post/page edit field to attach your CSS. It will also let you decide if this CSS has to be added in multi-page/post view (like archive posts) or only in a single view.

Nathan’s Notes:

  • Add custom CSS to a page or post via a metabox.
  • Inserts CSS using a script tag in the head.
  • Handy way to add specific CSS to only the page or post it applies to.

5. Open Graphite

Open Graphite

Open Graphite lets you control how your WordPress content is viewed when shared on social media. Open Graphite allows you to customize the image, title and description of any of your pages that are shared on social media, all without compromising the original content.

Nathan’s Notes:

  • Provides excellent control over the OpenGraph data on each page or post.
  • Especially helpful if you don’t want to install an SEO plugin (like Yoast) to handle this and only want to have good OpenGraph.
  • Custom Post Types (like WooCommerce products) are only supported in the somewhat costly pro version ($29/site/year).
  • Check your OpenGraph here using Facebook’s OG scraper (note you must be logged into Facebook to use this tool).

6. Shared Counts – Social Media Share Buttons

Shared Counts – Social Media Share Buttons

Shared Counts is a WordPress social media share buttons plugin. Sharing buttons increase traffic and engagement by helping readers share your posts and pages to their friends on social media.

Nathan’s Notes:

  • One of the better social sharing button plugins I’ve seen in a while.
  • Developed by Bill Erickson, who is well-respected in the WordPress space.
  • Many different networks, several display options, with or without sharing counts.

7. DarkPress This Month’s Good Idea or Bad Idea Plugin


It’s not a simple plugin, it’s a complete style of Admin Panel in Dark Mode. This plugin transform your WP Admin in DarkMode. Install just plugin and activate it to see dark mode!

Nathan’s Notes:

  • If you like working in a cave (or a darkened room), and you like Dark Mode, you might want to give DarkPress a try.
  • There are some pretty awful WordPress admin skins out there. This one isn’t too bad.

8. Smartest Way To Design & Customize WordPress Comments & Comment Form – WP Comment Designer Lite
This Month’s Longest Plugin Title Ever Winner

Smartest Way To Design & Customize WordPress Comments & Comment Form – WP Comment Designer Lite

WP Comment Designer Lite is a Free WordPress Plugin thats helps change the layout of the WordPress comments and comment form. The form fields are rearrangeable and customizable.

Nathan’s Notes:

  • A nice drag and drop comments area builder with a few built-in visual themes.
  • Includes a comment rating system that you can use or disable.
  • Allows you to change all the labels on all the things.
  • WP Comment Designer Premium version available that unlocks many additional features.

9. WPS Notice Center

WPS Notice Center

WPS Notice Center makes it possible to hide all the instructions and to combine them in a single record to unfold. Take full advantage of your WordPress interface without visual pollution.

Nathan’s Notes:

  • We’ve reviewed several plugins that do similar things, but this one does it very well.
  • Hides annoying plugin admin notices, but makes them easily viewable in a simple expandable row.

10. Extended Post Status

Extended Post Status

This plugin provides the option to add new statuses to the backend and define the system relevant status settings. You can add/edit statuses just as categories or tags. All statuses are available for all your post types. You will find a new menu item located in the posts admin menu.

Nathan’s Notes:

  • Easily add your own custom statuses to the post status list.
  • Helpful for customizing workflow rather than being forced into the WordPress default.
  • Viewable and sortable on the posts list.
  • Works only for posts, does not support custom post types.

11. Dashboard Quick Links Widget

Dashboard quick links widget

This lightweight plugin allows user to create a Dashboard widget with frequently accessed wp-admin menu for quick access.

Nathan’s Notes:

  • Create a dashboard widget for your websites quickly and easily.
  • Easy to add links to internal or external websites.

12. Presswell Art Direction

Presswell Art Direction

Presswell Art Direction helps simplify how custom image thumbnail sizes are defined, cropped, and generated.

Nathan’s Notes:

  • A great little plugin that combines some of the most needed features for custom image management.
  • View all the custom image sizes defined on your site by WordPress, themes, and plugins, and even define your own via the plugin’s interface.
  • Set the focal point for image crops in the media library (using grid view).
  • Settings available under Settings > Art Direction.

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