The release of the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S consoles has provided a new stable platform for the Xbox team to build on for the next however many years. But even with a set of powerful next-generation consoles, Xbox's goals remain on a platform not limited to any one piece of hardware. To that effect, the Xbox team continues to work on and develop new features for its platform. The latest example, an alpha update for Xbox Insiders, shows just how interconnected the Xbox platform is.

Xbox Insiders currently with access to Alpha and Alpha Skip-Ahead updates have received a new update as part of their Xbox Update Preview. The bulk of this preview focuses on fixes and optimizations, but there is one new feature to experiment with. The new feature allows Xbox platform users to use a new "View on mobile" option. The option, accessed from the Xbox Guide, will send a notification to the user's phone so that they can complete an action there.

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The example provided in the announcement news post from Xbox shows the user having the "View on mobile" option while accessing the Parties & Chats section of the Guide. Specifically, they're hovering over the Chats section of the Guide. This would, presumably, allow Xbox users to directly access their chats from their mobile device. And they would be able to do so with ease, opening it via a notification directly from the Xbox console.

Opening a user's chats is just one potential example of how the "View on mobile" option could be used, of course. One could imagine all manner of uses for a feature that allows Xbox users to swap between their console and their mobile devices. Social features are just one example, but managing storage space and downloads, Xbox Game Pass options, and even storefront navigation and purchases would make a lot of sense.

Xbox is only just now starting to allow users to try out the feature with certain options in the Guide. Its plans for how robust the feature could be implemented in the future likely depends on how Xbox Insiders use it. If it's something that they don't use, or that they try to use and find too cumbersome, then it's unlikely to go anywhere. If it does find use, Xbox may run with it.

Such are the opportunities that come with having an Xbox platform that extend beyond the Xbox consoles and onto PC and mobile devices. With Xbox Game Pass, as well as the xCloud streaming service, coming to all platforms, connecting those platforms is a challenge that the Xbox team is clearly excited to further explore.

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