Recently, Microsoft announced that the company is no longer selling the original Xbox One in the United States; the software company now offering only retail versions of the Xbox One X and Xbox One S at its online store with a price of $199 refurbished models of the original Xbox One. However, according to Kotaku UK, the Microsoft’s UK store simply lists the console as sold out while the original Xbox One has completely vanished from the US stores.

The first model of Xbox One resembled a VCR unit and it was launched almost four years ago with a price of $100, which can be considered more than Play Station 4 by Sony. However, Sony took the lead in the console competition because of the gap and fallout from Microsoft’s contradictory messaging on the Xbox One. After this incident, Microsoft Company closed the price gap by unbundling the Kinect sensor from the Xbox One console after six months since its release.

Last year, the Redmond-based company released the Xbox One S, with a slimmed down appearance perfectly matching the robot concept, but stopped manufacturing the Xbox 360. The smaller console received good feedback over the original console’s design and it also came equipped with 4K support for Blu-ray discs and applications like Amazon video and Netflix. Right now, the giant software company is directing their attention on the Xbox One S.


Last Sunday, Microsoft made available preorders and is said that Xbox One X is the fastest-selling Xbox pre-order ever. Since Microsoft has not provided numbers for its record-selling, it is difficult to approximate exactly what that actually means. Nonetheless, the giant software company managed to reach a sold out of Xbox One X units at Amazon in approximately 25 minutes. Microsoft always confirmed that the console’s fans have pre-ordered more Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition models in the first 5 days than any Xbox ever. Next month, the company is planning to open an Xbox One standard edition preorders. 

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