by Jeff Shore

“You can have everything in life you want if you’ll just help enough other people get what they want.”
~Zig Ziglar

I love it when someone shares a story about radically changing their outlook on sales and selling. I mean, if you are not moving ahead then you are falling behind, right?

So I recently received an uber – encouraging email from a sales professional who recently attended one of my workshops in Texas. In the email, she described a transformation in her own life:

“I have always been motivated, in entirely different ways, both by my love for people and my passion for exceeding my own goals. Until I read “Be Bold and Win the Sale,” I felt that those two things were mutually exclusive.”

Fascinating stuff, is it not? And I wonder how many people relate to this perspective.

Let’s start here with a liberating worldview: achieving your goals AND serving your customers are NOT mutually exclusive activities.

If you relate to the email from this sales pro, I want you to stop thinking apologetically about your desire to succeed!

Making the sale and serving your customer are two halves of a greater whole. So don’t hold back and don’t feel guilty!

Instead, redefine your personal goals to exist within the bigger framework of service to your customers. Your work will take on a much greater sense of meaning and congruity!

“The concept that asking for the sale was something to be done in service to my buyers completely turned my world on its head. The fact that my own discomfort was causing me to actually let them down, and that overcoming that would result in great things for both myself and them changed my entire perspective on sales.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself!

Once you embrace the fact that you actually serve your customer best when you guide them toward what they want and need – i.e., “Asking for the sale” – doing anything less seems downright ridiculous for both you and them.

“Now I know that helping people to take the next step is something that I can do in order to help them, not just to ‘close the sale’ because that is what I am supposed to do, and that has empowered me to take my own success farther than I had previously imagined possible.”

So, are YOU ready to engage in your work in a new and deeper way by following this example?

Stop doing what you are “supposed to do”. Embrace your own discomforts. Ask for the sale for crying out loud!

Serve your customers by selling them what they need.

If you truly serve their interests, they will thank you for it.

And, most importantly, start enjoying your life more than you had “previously imagined possible”!

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