In March 2020, Adobe launched the Creative Cloud for Gmail Add-on, giving creative teams the ability to seamlessly share their assets with external teams and businesses via Gmail.

The working relationship between the two services just got even better, as Adobe deepens its Creative Cloud integration with Google Workspace by improving its add-on.

Access Creative Cloud Assets in Google Docs and Sheets

Adobe has announced that Creative Cloud Libraries now integrates with Google Docs and Slides, thanks to a new update to the Creative Cloud Add-on for Google Workspace.

You can now access design elements like your brand's colors, character styles, and images right in the document and spreadsheet apps. It's an extremely useful feature, especially when paired with the real-time collaboration that Docs and Sheets already provide.

All of this will make it easier to maintain a single source of truth for things like brand and marketing docs, guides, and presentations. Additionally, the integration makes it easier to gather feedback from stakeholders outside of the creative world.

The add-on's new functionalities seem heavily inspired by the Shared Brands feature that Adobe recently added to Spark, which also allow you to store and use design elements that you've already established.

Gone are the days where you open up your color picker to copy and paste the hexadecimal code of the color in question, just to make sure you've got the same hue across the board.

What Is Google Workspace?

Google Workspace is the search giant's collection of online productivity and collaboration tools (Gmail, Contacts, Calendar, Meet, Chat, Currents, Drive, and Docs). It's been called many different things since arriving on the scene, so don't sweat it if you're confused.

Previous names include 'Google Apps for Your Domain,' 'Google Apps for Business,' 'Google Apps for Work,' and simply 'Google Apps.' In 2016, it would be called 'G Suite,' which was probably the closest thing to a permanent moniker the service has ever had.

Google would rebrand the product experience a third (and hopefully final) time in 2020, announcing via blog post that G Suite was to be called Google Workspace from then on.

According to CBNC, Workspace was used by at least 6 million paying businesses as of April 2020. We expect that number to have grown since then, with more and more teams being forced to shift to an online work environment due to the pandemic.

In fact, presentation software company Prezi launched its integration with Google Workspace last February, for that very reason.

Creative Cloud and Workspace: Better Together Now More Than Ever

Some creative projects move slower as a result of being worked on exclusively in a virtual setting, so we'll welcome any new time-saving features to the most widely-used apps.

Are you a Workspace Admin? Adobe and Google have provided step-by-step instructions for enabling the add-on for your entire team.