While YouTube Premium has tried to gain subscribers, the company has made some very strange choices in what features it actually has. One of the strangest omissions was the fact that despite YouTube Premium enabling video downloading, you couldn’t download videos in resolutions greater than 720p. According to users on Reddit, however, the company is finally beginning to roll out the ability to download videos and store them offline in 1080p. Support is slowly rolling out across supported markets on both Android and iOS, which has been confirmed by The Verge, who reached out to YouTube for comment. A spokesperson for the company said that it’ll be available in “most Premium markets,” with more being added “soon.”

YouTube Premium has other perks as well, including YouTube Music Premium and no more advertisements on videos. Interestingly, you still can’t download videos in even higher resolutions if you have a device with a 1440p display or even a 4k display. The above screenshot was taken on an iPhone, and no users have reported having the feature on Android yet. YouTube also offers video downloading for free in some regions, a list of which you can find here. It is unknown whether those regions will also be able to download in 1080p or not

Source 1: /u/swaroop4s | Source 2: The Verge | Via: AndroidPolice

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