As the sole analyst in a fast-growing Australian startup, I experienced the pain of the traditional analyst workflow — stuck on a hamster wheel of report requests, Excel worksheets that frequently broke, an ever-growing backlog, and numbers that never quite matched up.

This story is familiar to almost any analyst. In this talk, I’ll draw on my own experience as well as similar experiences from others in the industry to share how I broke out of this cycle. You’ll learn how you can “scale yourself” by applying software engineering best practices to your analytics code, and how to turn this knowledge into an impactful analytics career.

In 2016, as the sole analyst a fast-growing Australian startup, that was "good at SQL and very good at Excel", I had to learn quickly how to manage an entire data stack.

So I taught myself the command line, version control, and applied all the riggers of software engineering to our analytics team.

In 2018, I moved to Philadelphia to lead the growing dbt community (a leading community of analytics engineers). Now, I split my time between working as an analytics engineer on the Fishtown Analytics team, and building the community, which involves everything from answering questions on Slack, to writing technical documentation, organising (and speaking at) events, and writing blog posts.

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