Zoom today put up a blog post revealing that they will be lifting the 40-minute call duration restriction on free Zoom accounts for all meetings globally for the entirety of Thanksgiving Day. It’s been a challenging year video calling platforms like Zoom and Google Meet have played a critical role in connecting people when they otherwise couldn’t appear in person because of the pandemic. I mean, Zoom has been killing it this year – they blew up in popularity largely in part because of COVID-19 and are likely rolling in cash, so a few million free calls across the globe for a day is probably like water off a duck’s back for them, financially.

Below, you can find your free Zoom call timeframe for tomorrow. Thanks go out to Android Police for calculating these based on each time zone. You should be receiving an email about your little Thanksgiving gift as well if you have a Zoom account, so keep checking your inbox.

  • USA, West Coast — 9 pm PT, Nov 25 to 3 am PT, Nov 27
  • UK, London — 5 am GMT, Nov 26 to 11 am GMT, Nov 27
  • Europe — 6 am CEST, Nov 26 to 12 pm CEST, Nov 27
  • India — 10:30 am IST, Nov 26 to 4:30 pm IST, Nov 27
  • China — 1 pm CST, Nov 26 to 7 pm CST, Nov 27
  • Australia, Sydney — 4 pm AEDT, Nov 26 to 10 pm AEDT, Nov 27

There’s absolutely nothing you have to do to start using the platform for free tomorrow – simply start calling someone! The minutes cap will be automatically lifted on Zoom’s end. Don’t forget that you can also get three of their fall-themed virtual backgrounds by searching their website for the word “autumn”. Make sure you also add a meeting passcode and enable the Waiting Room feature so that strangers can’t intrude and rain on your holiday parade.